Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sample chapter - AUDIO, VIDEO, DISCO

Hello again!

In case you missed out on a free copy of J. Newerk's book AUDIO, VIDEO, DISCO (which is only $.99 now), here's a sample chapter! It's a great introduction to an awesome novel.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Special project - AUDIO, VIDEO, DISCO

Recently I've had the honor to work closely with the very talented and hardworking first-time author, Joshua Gingras. He reached out to me, and I assured him that I'd be honest and constructive, and lo and behold! He already had something special in the works with this manuscript. And, I have to say, the finished product is inspirational and quite the roller coaster of life.

Check out the blurb for yourself:
AUDIO, VIDEO, DISCO is a socially-anxious comedy that asks, "What leads a person to alienation, and are we allowed to laugh at them?"

Life for the twenty-something college dropout Ernest Scarliffe has sucked. He's stuck in a dead-end job and feels as if no one - not even his family - is there to support him. It leads to a drinking habit that leads to a suicide attempt. 

Upon his release from the hospital, he kindles a bond with the new girl-next-door, an independent artist named Melody, and attempts to connect with his new-distant childhood friend Jon.

Oh, jeez, and the cover art is just amazing! Shout out to the illustrator, Geoffrey Zeiner. 

So check it out! You've got nothing to lose, because guess what? It's free until Friday! After that it'll be priced at only $2.99!

And don't worry, if you don't catch the freebie, I'll be posting a free sample of the first chapter! So stay tuned ...

Keep in mind that Joshua would really enjoy interacting with his readers, so feel free to hit him up on Twitter.

Enjoy, you guys!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's been a while

Hey everyone!

It's been a while since my last post.

So I thought I'd shout out a fun project I did for I.D Martin.

It's a short story called Dagon's Whisper. Check it out here on Amazon!