Sunday, July 21, 2013

Freelance Book Editor

Have a fiction novel or short story that needs a fresh pair of eyes? 

Well, I can help!

I am a freelance editor. I have a BA in English and have studied and worked in publishing. The genres I've edited the most of are sci-fi and horror. Although, I have also edited comedy, urban drama, screenplays, children's book, romance, and memoirs. There are a few books I have edited that have been published on Amazon, and I am also listed as a freelancer with two indie publishing companies.

I am an open-minded individual, so if you have a unique project, I'm confident I can help! Also, if you're looking to develop an author/editor relationship, I am open to giving that a shot, as well. I am laid back, but honest and professional. I am great with deadlines, since I worked at a daily newspaper for a couple of years. So if you need your manuscript finished ASAP, I'm sure we can work out the perfect timeframe. 

It can be difficult to find someone capable and trustworthy to work with, so to start, I can send you some of my previous work and/or I can edit a sample of your work, up to ten pages. Upon your decision, I can edit your manuscript up to three times, if need be.